Daikin Multi Split Air Conditioning

  • Daikin Super Multi NX System

    Daikin Super Multi NX System

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    Daikin Super Multi NX System

    No space for ducting? No problem. Daikin Super Multi NX System allows you to heat and cool anywhere between two to nine rooms using a single outdoor unit. With a wide variety of indoor units available, it’s easy to select a model that seamlessly blends into your home. Plus you can individually control the air conditioning units in each room, guaranteeing complete comfort and lower running costs.

    Discover the benefits:

    • Fast & easy maintenance: Malfunction codes for each indoor unit are shown on the digital display of the remote controller for fast and easy self-diagnosis.
    • Auto temperature control: The micro-compressor automatically controls the fan speed to adjust the room temperature to your set temperature
    • Auto Restart & Memory: Daikin Super Multi NX System memorises your favourite settings for mode, airflow, temperature etc. and automatically returns to them after a power failure.
    • Program dry function: Humidity is removed while maintaining the temperature as much as possible. The unit will switch into cooling mode if the room temperature increases too much.

    Daikin Super Multi NX System

      Floor Standing Wall Mounted Duct Connect Floor/Ceiling Compact Multi Cassette
    Reverse Cycle
    • FVXS25K
    • FVXS35K
    • FVXS50K
    • FTXS20K
    • FTXS25K
    • FTXS35K
    • FTXS50KA
    • FTXS60KA
    • FTXS71KA
    • CDXS25E
    • CDXS35E
    • FDXS25C
    • FDXS35C
    • FDXS50C
    • FDXS60C
    • FLXS25B
    • FLXS35G
    • FLXS50G
    • FLXS60G
    • FFQ25B
    • FFQ35B
    • FFQ50B
    • FFQ60B
    Cooling Only
    • FTKS20K
    • FTKS25K
    • FTKS35K
    • FTKS50KA
    • FTKS60KA
    • FTKS71KA
    • CDKS25E
    • CDKS35E
    • CDKS25C
    • CDKS35C
    • CDKS50C
    • CDKS60C
    • FFQ25B
    • FFQ35B
    • FFQ50B
    • FFQ60B