Daikin Air Conditioning and Split Systems

Total home comfort is easy with Daikin air conditioning.

Whatever the weather outside, Daikin air conditioning systems provide the ultimate home comfort for you and your family. Choose from a complete range of units designed to deliver supreme energy efficiency and lower running costs, whether you want to control one room or your whole home.

With advanced and innovative technology, a Daikin split system is a flexible and economical solution for any room. Every Daikin split system is designed to offer superior climate control to suit your lifestyle and budget. Discover wall mounted units that blend perfectly with their surroundings, compact floor standing consoles, not to mention a Daikin split system that can humidify and dehumidify, ventilate and purify the indoor air – all at the same time.

Ducted Heating Melbourne

Daikin is the number one choice when you’re looking for ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling. Daikin offers discreet and flexible solutions for new builds and existing homes, .

Discover the benefits of ducted heating and cooling Melbourne:

  • Whole home solution: Can be climate controlled to every season
  • Discreet: Once installed, only the controller, supply vents and return air grills are visible on the inside, with an outdoor unit positioned discreetly outside your home
  • Flexible zoning: Choose up to 8 zones to suit your homes exact needs, whilst benefiting optimal energy efficiency and lower running.
  • Take control: Manage up to 8 zones from a central single controller.